A POSIX platform layer for OpenThread, and some examples for how to use it on Linux.

In the examples folder is an example program which presents a command line interface to test the Thread interface. For more documentation on how to use this, and also information on the openthread API, see the main openthread repo:

The CLI Documentation can be found here:

Using wpantund to enable as linux network interface

On a posix system, a thread node can act as a linux network interface using the wpantund tool available from

In order to install, follow the guide here (use the latest master commit, not full/latest-release):

then start wpantund using a command of the form:

sudo /usr/local/sbin/wpantund -o Config:NCP:SocketPath "system:/home/pi/ca8210-posix-thread/example/ot-ncp-posix" -o SyslogMask " -info" -o Config:TUN:InterfaceName utun6

where /home/pi/ca8210-posix-thread/example/ot-ncp-posix is a path to a thread application using the ncp library (call otNcpInit and include the NCP library in the application)

Then follow a similar process as used in this tutorial to start the control panel and connect: