Sleepy End Device EPaper demo

This target contains an application which requests compressed images from a server (ot-eink-server) and displays them onto a Waveshare 2.9” e-Paper module. See the server documentation for a high level overview of the application as a whole, and for a description of how to generate images compatible with this application.

How to run & test

This demonstration requires another Chili to act as the server. Flash the server Chili with the mac-dongle binary. You must also build the ot-eink-server POSIX application, from within the Cascoda POSIX SDK build directory.

Once the devices are all ready, plug the server Chili into a Linux machine and run the ot-eink-server executable. Then, power the end device Chili and commission it. After 10 to 20 seconds, the server will receive discover requests, as well as image requests from the end device.